A first-of-its-kind 5V5 Amusing Battle Arena


As the prosperity of mobile game market, many excellent battle arena games have emerged. Vagary studio, with their dreams and ambitions, brings a brand-new battle arena game, Vagary, to every players. Vagary embodies their hard work and also reflects their pure pursuit and simple understanding of the game.
Fight for fun! It’s not only a slogan, but also the starting point for all designs of Vagary. Vagary studio believes that having fun is the most important part of game experience. Although everyone loves to win, ensuring all players can have fun has always been their top priority.
Vagary has created several elements of fun like randomness. In a competition, players may be either ahead or behind. What Vagary studio is looking for is a way to break the monotony. The randomness of skill and gear drops adds an element of uncertainty - the enemy may deal heavy damage to you with a skill they found, but there's always a chance that you turn the tables on them.
Besides, variety is another element of fun. Some games start strong, but quickly lose their attraction because everything feels the same. It's just the same thing over and over again once people have gotten the hang of things, and that's not fun. What Vagary gives players is a world of possibilities - the ability to mix and match numerous heroes, gear and skills.
Vagary is the dream and vision of Vagary studio. This game will begin the test in several days. Vagary studio sincerely invites everyone to experience Vagary and enjoy amusing battle. What are you waiting for?